Each P & F Association must hold an Annual General Meeting in accordance with their constitution. Your constitution should give you guidelines as to when and how the meeting should be held.

Before the AGM, notice of the meeting must be given to the school community. This is usually at least fourteen days notice.

As soon as possible after the end of the financial year, as set down in your constitution, the accounts of the association must be audited in preparation for presentation to the AGM.

Reports should also be prepared by the President, Principal and chairpersons of any sub-committees that exist.

Before the meeting takes place the Chair/President must ensure that a quorum is present in accordance with the constitution.

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Agenda of Annual General Meeting

The business to be transacted at every Annual General Meeting shall include:

  • The reading of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.
  • Business arising from the minutes.
  • The receiving of the President’s Report.
  • The receiving of the Principal’s Report.
  • The receiving of the Treasurer’s Report that shall include the Audited Financial Reports of the books and accounts of the Association for the preceding financial year including all Sub-Committees. (If Annual General Meeting is held prior to end of designated financial year, the audited books shall be received at the first meeting of the new year before handover to the new Treasurer.)
  • Receiving of any reports from sub-committees.
  • The election of Members of the Executive.
  • The appointment of Delegates to the Diocesan P&F Council;
  • The appointment of Sub-Committees
  • The appointment of an auditor.
  • Review and distribution of Parental Code of Conduct
  • The notification to the Diocesan Council in writing within 30 days of the AGM, of the details of the office bearers for the Association.

You should refer to your constitution to check all requirements for the AGM including the election of office bearers.

Records of the Association

All minutes and financial records of the association must be kept for seven years. This is a legal requirement.

It is advisable that you have electronic files ,  a filing cabinet or something similar at the school to ensure that these records are available if required rather than being left with an office bearer and handed on each time the person in the role changes.