Healthy Tuckshops

Healthy food and safe food practices in our school tuckshops and canteens are very important for our children's health.

The Queensland Association of School Tuckshops (QAST) is a Registered Training Organisation offering Food Safety Supervisor Courses. It is a not for profit organisation which promotes and supports tuckshops and school communities in offering nutritious, hygienic and economically viable food services to school students.

If your school has a tuckshop, check out the training services offered by QAST. Click here for QAST Food Safety Supervisor Course

The Federation has an official position on healthy eating.  Click here for Position Paper - Healthy Eating.

In summary our position is:

CSPQ supports the introduction of healthier food and drink offerings to students in Catholic Schools.  We encourage all parents to support and assist their schools in introducing Smart Choices – Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools which was introduced into Queensland state schools in 2007. 

The possible introduction of the Smart Choices Strategy into Catholic schools was discussed with Directors in 2007. However it was decided that this would be encouraged but not mandated. While some schools have adopted some elements of Smart Choices, insufficient change has occurred overall.

The time has come for positive action to support those parents and principals who are trying to make changes for the benefit of all students.

The Government’s Smart Choices strategy gives Catholic authorities access to a well researched, ready-made framework and an extensive tool kit of ideas and options for action. This strategy takes a holistic approach to healthy eating which is consistent with the ethos of Catholic education. 

The main benefit is that children will have healthier foods and drinks which may have a positive impact on their weight and their current and future health.